Patient Stories

We’re sharing stories of real Texans impacted by step-therapy, fail first, clawback and other policies that limit access or increase barriers to prescription medicines. These Texans share their own personal experiences and help put these complex issues into terms we can all understand. Watch and share their stories.

Meet ReneE Lopez

Meet Renee Lopez. Renee has Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita and has spent her lifetime taking numerous medications. After her insurance company forced her to take generic or cheaper versions of her drugs, she experienced many adverse side effects. Hear from Renee why patient protections from step therapy are crucial. Read her story here.

Meet Crystal Brown

Meet Crystal Brown. She is concerned what step therapy practices could do to her special needs son, Braden. For patients like Braden, medical decisions made by insurance companies aren't safe and are potentially life threatening. Read their story here.

Meet Hannah Mehta

Hannah Mehta and many other concerned family members have joined together in creating a non-profit organization called Protect TX Fragile Kids (PTFK), which represents about 1,500 families of medically fragile children. She wants to ensure that someone is looking out for those families who don’t have a voice. Read her story here.

Meet Gail

Gail’s child developed schizoaffective disorder at the age of 14. This disorder can cause a combination of symptoms including hallucinations, delusions, depression, or mania, and can often lead to hospitalizations and admittance into treatment centers. Gail’s child has spent a good amount of time in these facilities. Over a period of a couple of years, Gail says her child was put on many different medication regimens before they finally discovered a medicine that worked and that was covered by Medicaid – Olanzapine. Read more here.

Meet Chase

If the top legislative leaders and staff echelon overseeing the work of the Texas Legislature had to compile a list of the most respected, knowledgeable, impassioned, and effective policy advocates within the State Capitol, Chase Bearden’s name would be at the top of the list, without exception. The beloved disability rights expert is one of the most humble and self-effacing advocates working under the dome. Read more here.

Meet Tiffany

As the owners of Toot Sweet Cupcakes and More in Austin, Texas, Tiffany and Brian Bacon work hard to create delicious desserts for families and businesses across the country, while providing for the needs of their own large family of seven children. And they do so while dealing on a daily basis with Tiffany’s long-time battle with severe psoriasis. She is also an advocate for the National Psoriasis Foundation. Read more here.

Meet Tim

Tim and Laura Revell’s precious boys both have Duchenne muscular dystrophy, the most common form of this genetic disorder, which causes progressive muscle degeneration and weakness. Twelve-year-old Timothy Revell was diagnosed with Duchenne on his second birthday. Coincidentally, Timothy’s younger brother, nine-year-old Andrew, was diagnosed on his fifth birthday. The process for getting medicines to the boys is complex and can be frustrating. Read more here.